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About Us


The Singapore LACC is a non-profit organization seeking to create a platform for the knowledge and cultural interchange between the countries of Latin America and Singapore.


"Preserve and share"

Engage in educational programmes, social and artistic activities to promote, develop, and preserve the spirit, diversity, and richness of the Latin American cultural heritage among the local community creating cross-cultural experiences



Strengthen ties between Latin American countries and Singapore through the arts via education, entertainment, and engaging communities to develop artistic collaborations and means for artists' mobility.

We aim to establish and strengthen the connection between Latin American countries and Singapore through the arts, to preserve the spirit, diversity, and richness of the Latin American cultural heritage among the local community creating cross-cultural experiences.

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Pianist, Composer, Educator and Cultural promoter.

Alina has been an international pianist of classical music, Latin Jazz and salsa, an educator and a cultural promoter for more than 30 years.

She spearheads and composes music for her band, Ireson, as well as music for theatre and dance companies. 


  • Diploma in Music Education from the Willems Association Lyon, France.

  • Awarded the highest recognition given by the Mexican Government, the Ohtli Medal, in recognition for her passion for disseminating Mexican Culture and the Arts worldwide, in 2013.

  • BA Hons in Music (Jazz) Goldsmiths College University of London, 2014.

  • Masters Degree in Arts and Cultural Management from Goldsmiths College University of London, 2018.


Guitar and Bass teacher

Born in Acapulco, Mexico, from a musicians Family. Mario grew up in one of the most touristic spots of Mexico where the American Jazz Musicians use to play at the major five star Hotels, therefore, from a very young age he was exposed to jazz and the technique of walking bass that thrilled him since then.

He moved to Mexico City when he was eighteen and studied classical guitar at the National Conservatory for five years, after that graduated from E. S. C. A. M. ( School of superior studies of Music and Composition ) as a Bass Player, Musical Arranger and Composer.

He has been performing in major Jazz Clubs and Jazz Festivals In Mexico and in Asia such as Mosaic, Borneo Jazz Festival, Real de Catorce Jazz Festival, Sing Jazz, Malaysia Heineken Jazz Festival, Singapore Arts Festival among others, always playing music that he composes and arranges that is recorded in two Cd’s. “Vendo Rumba” recorded live at NBT in Kuala Lumpur and “hands up” recorded in Singapore.

He has been performing with the Thomson Big Band and The Local Jazz Community in Singapore and Malaysia.


Our  Collaborators

Dr. Kevin
Tomassini Velez

Puerto Rico

Originally from Puerto Rico a beautiful island in the Caribbean, Dr. Tomassini is a U.S.A board certified Doctor of Chiropractic.


He has been providing his services in Singapore since 2013 sharing his knowledge with others by holding wellness workshops and health talks.

Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Tomassini was a Track and Field athlete, fitness trainer and a Physical Education teacher but also passionate about Music, culture and Arts.

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