Singapore Latin American Arts and Cultural Centre (SGLACC)

We aim to establish and strengthen the connection between Latin American countries and Singapore through the arts, to preserve the spirit, diversity, and richness of the Latin American cultural heritage among the local community creating cross-cultural experiences.

SGLACC is home to a range of events.

Join us for fun-filled days and evenings!


No upcoming events at the moment

Live streaming on Zoom from different countries. SGD20 ticket for whole family. All contributions welcome. 


Online Concerts

Live streaming on Zoom

Join our concerts on Thursdays and Fridays with a variety of musical genres and live streaming from different countries.

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Fitness Programs

Fitness for everyone

Whatever your fitness goals, getting injured definitely isn't one of them. While online fitness videos can inspire you in more than one way to get moving, when done incorrectly, can lead to injuries. Be guided on real-time with the right techniques, so your workout remains safe and beneficial.


Art & Craft

Craft your own Alebrije

Learn the history of the ALEBRIJES and we are going to show you how to design your own 3D Alebrije Figure.


Music lessons

Music Theory & Instruments

  • Music Theory, Jazz Workshop

  • Piano, Singing

  • Guitar, Bass

  • Drums, Latin & IndianPercussion

  • SingingMusic Ensamble

  • My first band workshop


Language Classes

Spanish, Mandarin, English, French

Join us for our fun lessons, all levels, everyday.


Acting Class

For performers

Join our acting course and be part of our Theater Company!